How to get around Gamstop in 2023

Are you trying to avoid GamStop in any way? Signing up with gaming companies that aren’t on GamStop is the only straightforward way to get around the self-exclusion policy of GamStop. Bypassing the integration of the GamStop program, these casinos and bookmakers skirt UKGC exclusion regulations. These companies are trustworthy, safe, and pay out wins. You can consider any possible diversion from GamStop.

Like anything else, navigating around Gamstop has its advantages and disadvantages. Gamstop self-exclusion should be canceled, but you must be fully informed of all the potential repercussions. So, our knowledgeable staff came up with a list of both the benefits and disadvantages you might anticipate. Read more about getting around Gamstop on

Cons of avoiding Gamstop

There could appear to be no limit to the options if you were to skip Gamstop. For instance, you can play at online casinos that provide a variety of unusual games. These websites don’t have as rigorous requirements because they don’t have UKGC licenses. You will therefore have a far more liberated and carefree iGaming experience.

Chance to win money with bonus spins. The truth is that you would have to gamble at foreign casinos if you wanted to overcome self-exclusion. Compared to UK websites, these ones typically provide more generous incentives. Even better, you get to retain your free spins and cash prizes.

Possibility of returning to online gaming. By circumventing Gamstop, you are essentially returning to online gambling. It implies that you are free to play all of your preferred table and slot games. Without Gamstop keeping an eye on you at all times.

How to Get Around Gamstop: Cons

Despite the benefits of playing at non-Gamstop websites, you should be aware of any potential disadvantages. Once exclusion is lifted, there are several hazards that you run. One possible outcome is that your problem gambling might get worse. Additionally, certain non-Gamstop websites enjoy defrauding ignorant gamers. As a result, you should stick to the casinos we suggested.

Bad choice if you have a gambling addiction. By using Gamstop to gamble, you run the risk of becoming sucked into a downward cycle of problem gambling. You will need to handle everything on your own if you need to self-exclude. Additionally, you won’t have a safeguard to keep you from relapsing.

debt growth and credit score decline. It can get worse if you’re a problem gambler playing on gambling websites. Your credit score might be destroyed by such purchases. Additionally, if you avoid Gamstop, you run the risk of losing control and accruing enormous debt.

How to Avoid Self-Exclusion at a Specific Casino

Numerous well-known online gaming sites exist. Many of them provide self-exclusion for periods of time ranging from six months to five years. You won’t be able to wager on their platform at that time. And you, too? You’re in luck if you’re trying to reopen the account and are seeking for the easiest technique to get around internal exclusion mechanisms.

We also wish to briefly outline some effective strategies for preventing each casino operator’s internal self-exclusion:

#1 Try to Register Again With More Information

You may choose which places you wish to be prohibited from when you sign up for self-exclusion at a certain casino. For instance, you can select poker or sports betting. The platform will recognize any attempts to create a new account using your data and close it immediately. So it stands to reason that using someone else’s information is the best course of action.

Simply sign up for other casinos and betting brands.

Try different casinos instead of trying to use other people’s information and so on. There will never be a shortage of gaming sites to pick from, whether they are domestic, international, or European. It is an excellent strategy to avoid self-exclusion. Additionally, you may broaden your gaming options by choosing from a wider variety of games, captivating bonuses, and more!

The Best Way to Stop Gambling Without Self-Exclusion

Yes, using self-exclusion to restrict UK-friendly casinos and take a vacation from gaming is a fantastic idea. But it’s also a fairly severe one. Before using it, there are many alternative options you may explore.

To relax, you may always utilize the site’s internal features. The best three strategies to limit gambling have been put together by our knowledgeable staff.

#1 Loss Caps

Many gambling websites let customers establish a loss cap for a certain time frame. Let’s assume you decided on a £200 loss cap on Sunday afternoon. Your losses are monitored going ahead. Even in credit card casinos, you won’t be able to lose more than this until the next Sunday.

Deposit Caps #2

Loss limitations and deposit limits function similarly. Users can establish weekly or monthly deposit cap amounts at independent online casinos. When you reach your limit, you are unable to make more deposits until the next week or month.

Time-Outs, #3

Gamblers may take breaks quite effectively by using time-outs. Many operators provide their customers the option of setting a time-out. It may last for a day, two days, or a month. The time-out schedule may frequently be customized by users to just last a few hours.

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